Happy Friday TWS Listeners and Wrestling fans around the world and welcome to my second Blog. Before we get stuck into the fallout of Raw and Smackdown Live this week, allow me to address a few outside the ring news that has hit the headlines this week.

Firstly former WWE Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz have confirmed their departure from Impact Wrestling this week fuelling speculation of an imminent return to WWE around WrestleMania time. Matt Hardy has had a terrific run as “Broken Matt Hardy” and both he and Jeff have seen their popularity rise even more during this run. This speculation adds to the teasing words shared between Matt Hardy and WWE Champion Bray Wyatt recently. Matt and Jeff Hardy are not the only huge names to announce their departure from Impact Wrestling as Drew Galloway, formerly known as Drew McIntyre in WWE also left the company. Drew has become one of the biggest stars in Professional Wrestling since his run with WWE ended back in 2014, he has toured the world making appearances in many various promotions as well as returning to Insane Championship Wrestling and helping the company grow. Finally former WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is the latest name to be announced as a 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee, so a huge congratulations to the former Glamazon.
If Matt and Jeff Hardy are to return to WWE in due course then in my opinion the “Broken Matt Hardy” and Brother Nero gimmicks have to be included. The fans want it and this fan definitely wants it that way and I worry that their return would be very disappointing if they return just as The Hardy Boyz. I am a huge fan of Drew Galloway and I loved his “Chosen One” Heel gimmick until it led to him ending up as part of 3MB and ultimately the demise of his WWE career. WWE missed a trick big time and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t look at his career now and see what they ruined. I would like to think they would re-sign Galloway and take him seriously the way he deserves to be taken by being used as a top talent whether in NXT or on either Raw or Smackdown Live, although I would see him standing out more on either NXT or Smackdown Live rather than on Raw. Either way Galloway is very much in demand around the world so WWE isn’t necessarily a must for him at all. Congratulations Mrs Edge! I’m very happy that Beth Phoenix will be inducted into this years WWE Hall of Fame. Beth was unlucky to have been in the picture at a time when the WWE Women’s division was not in a very good place but she did more than enough to stand out and show what a great talent she was in the ring.


Raw kicked off with Goldberg in the ring speaking about Kevin Owens non stop talking last week. He stated that he was in a good mood because he was only 6 days away from becoming WWE Universal Champion. Goldberg made it a promise to the fans, his Wife and Son and most importantly to Kevin Owens himself. That prompted Kevin Owens to make his way to the stage, where he told Goldberg that he was also in a good mood because he was happy to see him this week because last week when he was in the ring talking, he got a lot of things off his chest but the only thing missing was Goldberg himself. Owens went on to say that he heard Goldberg had made a promise to his Wife and Son but he said that he made a promise to himself and that was when he got to WWE, he would take the company by the throat and make them see what Kevin Owens is all about and he did just that. He said on his first night in WWE, he beat John Cena and then went on to say a list of impressive names he has beaten like Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins as Goldberg applauded him and Owens then added Roman Reigns to that list as well as saying that doesn’t even include what he did to Chris Jericho because he doesn’t even matter. Owens told Goldberg that he’s next and that he is next in the evolution of Kevin Owens. Goldberg challenged Owens to fight him right then and Owens marched down the ramp saying he will fight him in a “Greenbay Street Fight” before stopping and saying that Greenbay doesn’t deserve to see him fight but he will fight Goldberg this Sunday at Fastlane.

If it wasn’t almost obvious that Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at
WrestleMania would be for the Universal Championship, I’d have been a little more confident of KO causing an upset against Goldberg. Owens is red hot right now with his promos and he is showing that in no way is he intimidated by Goldberg at all. I still believe Chris Jericho will cause Owens to lose the title at Fastlane so that Owens still looks strong regardless but I think sometimes we forget just how good Kevin Owens really is.


The New Day made their way to the ring where they mentioned the name of their new ice cream called “New Day Pops” and Shining Stars came out believing they were facing them in a Tag Team match. New Day made a terrible reference to the blunder from The Oscars and told
Primo and Epico that it was their mistake and they were facing Big Show later in the night and that New Day’s real opponents were Rusev and Jinder Mahal. I am really finding this New Day vs Rusev and Mahal feud dull and definitely far from entertaining. The crowd are giving no reactions at all and this is hurting New Day’s popularity as they were so over until recently to the point that now it seems the group have run their course. The match wasn’t very entertaining either as Xavier Woods and Big E got the win after Woods pinned Jinder Mahal (not surprising at all). Seriously why did Jinder Mahal return? It’s the same as his previous run, loss after loss and so on.


The number 1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships, Enzo Amore and Big Cass were in the locker room where Enzo was excited and getting carried away telling Cass how he was going to wear his title much to the annoyance of Cass who demanded Enzo focus because they have never won a Tag Team Championship before, not even in NXT but Gallows and Anderson have won Tag Team Championships all over the world. Cass also told Enzo he needs to focus on his own match on Raw against Luke Gallows as Enzo continued to get over excited.

We then saw Cesaro and Sheamus argue about losing to Enzo and Big Cass last week and Sheamus felt that it should be them facing Gallows and Anderson at Fastlane. Samoa Joe appeared and mocked Cesaro, telling him that after all these years, he’s still looking for his brass rings whilst he came into the WWE wearing it around his neck. Sheamus stepped to Joe but Cesaro told him he can handle this. Cesaro said he doesn’t see Joe wearing anything but Triple H’s jockstrap before Samoa Joe walked away. Sheamus said that he would love to kick his head off but Cesaro reminded him once again that he can handle it.

Stephanie McMahon was in her office talking to a member of the crew before turning to see Mick Foley standing there. Steph told Mick that she wanted to apologize and went through a list of Foley’s accolades and accomplishments and telling him what a true Legend he is and why she hired him but it isn’t the Mick Foley she got. She reminded Mick that it was 17 years ago to the day that her Husband Triple H ended Mick’s career (well sort of) and that every year Triple H gets stronger and stronger whilst Mick does the opposite and gets weaker. She said she couldn’t calculate just how far he had fallen into the abyss of despair and misery and that he is a former shell of himself and she called him pathetic before leaving.

Wow Steph that was very harsh. Mick Foley is every bit of a Legend we know he is and more. Let’s be honest, Mick Foley working with Stephanie McMahon was never going to work for long was it.

Akira Tozawa faced off against Noam Dar in Crusierweight action with Tozawa picking up the win and The Brian Kendrick attacked Tozawa after the match. Remember to check out Chris Twigger’s TWS Blogs every Tuesday for all your NXT, 205 and selected Indy coverage.

Not Having a Nice Day!

Mick Foley exchanged words with Samoa Joe backstage telling him that he hasn’t had a nice day since becoming Raw General Manager 7 months ago. He also said that 13 years ago, he was Joe’s biggest fan but now all he sees is Triple H’s puppet. Joe disagreed and said he is nobody’s puppet to which Mick explained why he is. Joe again stated that no one tells him what to do which led to Mick informing Joe that whilst he is Raw GM, he will tell him what to do and sets up a match between Samoa Joe and Cesaro for the show before walking off.

Charlotte is not at all Surprised

Charlotte and Dana Brooke went to the ring where Charlotte told the crowd that she thought Bayley would have done the right thing last week on Raw and give up the WWE Women’s Championship. She then called Bayley a list of things before admitting she wasn’t at all surprised that Bayley didn’t go through with relinquishing the title. Bayley came out and after Charlotte announced her as “the cheater”, Bayley reminded her that she is the Champion and she knows she did the right thing last week by keeping her title. Bayley also said that she has beaten Charlotte 3 times, this was in reference to Charlotte laiming Bayley was a “one hit wonder.” After a few more words Sasha Banks made her way to the ring which led to more war of words. Sasha then announced that they have a Tag Team match scheduled but Charlotte announced that Dana Brooke was not her partner, much to Brooke’s dismay and then she introduced Nia Jax as her partner for the match.

I love Bayley but sometimes her mic work is very cringey and she needs work on it. Sasha Banks’ continuous praise of Bayley is also very cringey and it’s looking more and more obvious that she is going to turn on her friend in due course. I don’t understand the point of Dana Brooke on Raw at all. She doesn’t do much except follow Charlotte around but this would have been an opportunity for her to have a match, although I still believe her in ring work needs improving.

Nia Jax picked up the win for her and Charlotte after catching Sasha as she went for a cross body off the turnbuckle and slamming her onto Bayley. She then hit Bayley with her running Leg Drop pin for the fall over the Champion. Nia looked very dominant once again as she appears to be remaining in the title picture.

Dana Brooke looked to have botched a moment where she appeared to have meant to grab Bayley’s leg as she hit the ropes but left it a little
late which looked very silly. I’m starting to think that there will be a Fatal 4 Way match for the Raw Women’s Championship at
WrestleMania. I initially expected a Triple Threat match with Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha but it looks like Nia isn’t going to disappear any time soon so I expect her to be added for Mania.

A rather miserable Mick Foley was in his office speaking to Braun Strowman and explained he can’t give him any competition for the show. Strowman said he doesn’t want competition, he wants a contract for him and Roman Reigns at Fastlane. He stated that he has been beaten down Roman for weeks and he wants Roman at Fastlane. Mick said he will give him the contract to sign in the ring but warned Strowman that things may not go as he expected.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Strowman vs Reigns at Fastlane but I really do hope they put Strowman over in that match. I wasn’t too sure how Strowman would figure once split from Bray Wyatt but I really like him now he’s competing with top stars on the roster instead of squash matches he had for weeks and weeks.

Big Cass puts the Tag Champs on Notice

Big Cass took on Luke Gallows in a short lived match. Karl Anderson went to distract Cass on the apron but Enzo threw him into the steel steps. Gallows couldn’t capitalize on the distraction and Cass nailed him with a Big Boot for the win.

Great momentum for the challengers heading into Fastlane this Sunday, as popular as Gallows and Anderson were before joining WWE and their first couple of months, since they were Drafted away from AJ Styles there doesn’t seem to be much hype around them anymore. The crowds are usually flat when they’re around which is such a shame. I expect them to retain the Tag titles at Fastlane but I do hope I’m wrong as I’d love to see Enzo and Cass as champions at least once.

Sheamus is not in a Good Mood

Footage of Sheamus sitting eating was shown with Titus O’Neil trying to convince Sheamus that he could be his new tag team partner. Sheamus eventually snapped and took Titus down. This led to the two having a match on Raw. Titus attacked Sheamus as he entered the ring which led to the referee checking on Sheamus before ringing the bell. Once the bell had rung, within seconds Titus ran into a Brogue Kick and Sheamus picked up the win.
I don’t know what is going on with Sheamus. It appears as though his run as tag team partners with Cesaro is over, it’ll be interesting to see what direction WWE choose for him now.

Rollins makes a Statement of Intent

Just a few weeks ago we saw Seth Rollins put out of action once again but this time at the hands of a debuting Samoa Joe who appeared to be following orders from Triple H. Rollins appeared on Raw in a sit down interview in the middle of the ring which was conducted by Corey Graves. He spoke about how his injury was a little more significant than the doctors initially thought and admitted his head isn’t in a good place and wonders if he deserved it or not. When asked if he would be at WrestleMania, Rollins said that it didn’t look like the doctors were going to clear him in time.
Triple H made his way out to the ring as Graves made his exit. Triple H said that it was really good too see Rollins because the last time he saw him, he didn’t think he would ever see him again. He pointed out that
Samoa Joe was at ringside and he said that Seth would not be at WrestleMania and that no matter what anyone says or tells him, he shouldn’t listen to the fans as they will only get him into trouble. Triple H told Rollins that he knew this day would come and that he knew what he was getting into, regardless of Seth calling it “Selling Out” or “Buying In”, he knew what he was getting into and that he made Seth the Champion, he made him the face of the WWE and Seth held the title above his head and shoved it in people’s faces telling them he was “The Man”. Rollins noticed Samoa Joe had moved on to the ring apron as he looked at him with caution.
Triple H said he did everything for Seth and then he bit the hand that feeds him and he asked Seth if he thought that would be the end of it and they would just go their separate ways and do their own thing. Triple H reminded Seth that isn’t how it works and said that he knows it because he isn’t stupid unlike the fans. He said he used Seth and spit him out and he used to tell people that Rollins was the future but now he’s the past and just another washed up Superstar. He warned Seth that he is done with him and he is done warning him and if he shows up at WrestleMania and decides to call him out, he swears to him that it will be the last thing he ever does. Seth reminded Triple H that a month ago he told Stephanie that he had nothing left to lose and that is no more truer than now, he said he will be at WrestleMania and if it’s the last thing he ever does then he swears to Triple H that it’ll be the last thing that Triple H ever does. Triple H and Samoa Joe then left ringside.

What a great segment. Rollins looked very dejected as he should during the interview with Corey Graves but he and Triple H shared a great segment together. I really cannot wait to see these two clash whenever it does happen. I don’t know what Seth’s plans are for his appearance at WrestleMania but I am looking forward to it.

TJ Perkins and Gentleman Jack Gallagher teamed up to face
Crusierweight Champion Neville and Tony Nese. Jack Gallagher forced Nese to tap out for the win.

Backstage Stephanie told Sasha Banks that she will face Nia Jax this Sunday at Fastlane.

The Swiss Superman vs The Samoan Submission Machine

In a fairly good match, Joe picked up the victory via pinfall. Given a longer match time these two could put on some real classics. This is one pairing I’ve been wanting to see in WWE, hopefully we will see more of them against each other in the future. After the match Joe was interviewed on the stage where he put the locker room on notice and said it doesn’t matter what any of them have accomplished. Sami Zayn came out and he and Joe brawled on and off the stage before finally being separated by officials.

Shooting Stars fall to The Giant

The Shooting Stars faced Big Show in a 2 on 1 Handicap match but the match was very short and not of any real significance. Big Show really does look in phenomenal shape now and with his rumoured WrestleMania match against Basketball Legend Shaquille O’Neal apparently no longer happening, I wonder what the plans will be for him

Respect Me OR Else!

Mick Foley stood in the ring for the contract signing for the match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns at Fastlane. Strowman told Mick his purpose for the night is done and demanded he leave. Foley reminded Strowman that whilst he is still Raw GM, he will respect what he has to say. Strowman replied that once upon a time he would have stood with him and respected Mick in the ring as competition but he said that Stephanie McMahon was right last week and that he is pathetic and again demanded that Foley leaves.

Mick snapped, pushed the table aside and got in Strowman’s face and said he had enough of being talked down to like he’s a shell of the man he once was. He said that if Strowman won’t respect him as Raw GM then fine as GM’s come and go but he should respect him as a Legend because WWE Legends live forever. Strowman laughed as Mick gave this statement and the stopped as soon as Mick said that he will learn to respect him, or else. Strowman knocked the mic out of Foley’s hand as he went face to face with him until Roman Reigns made his way out and he and Strowman brawled at ringside and the into the crowd. Reigns put Strowman through the barrier with a Spear and then tried to Spear him again in the ring but Strowman caught him and threw Reigns so hard into the corner that the top turnbuckle came off and part of the top rope came off. Omce Strowman made it to the stage, Reigns crawled to the table and signed the contract as Raw went off air.

Wow I enjoyed that exchange between Strowman and Foley. I love seeing Mick Foley angry after being put down so much that he can’t stand it anymore. Strowman is really becoming a current favourite of mine and as I stated earlier, I really do hope he beats Roman Reigns at Fastlane. Raw wasn’t great this week but it did have some great moments, unfortunately most of those moments weren’t matches themselves but rather the moments and confrontations on the mic.


This weeks show began with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan watching replays of AJ Styles and Luke Harper eliminating each other in the Number 1 Contenders Battle Royal from last week which was declared a draw. AJ appeared and suggested he should just be put in the main event at WrestleMania instead of competing against Luke Harper for that right later in the show. Shane said AJ was lucky to have this opportunity and AJ then ran through a few demeaning things about Luke Harper as Harper himself appeared and stood behind AJ whilst these things were being said. AJ eventually turned around to see Harper standing there before walking off. Harper then looked at Shane and Bryan and said “Thank You” before walking off himself.

AJ trying to get out of the match but to be fair and I said it last week, it looked to me that AJ hit the floor before Harper did and I still think it looks crystal clear.

Miz TV Presents: Couples at War

The Miz and his Wife Maryse presented Miz TV this week as Miz presented his guest John Cena. Miz began telling Cena that he has cost him many opportunities and claimed that Cena’s word around WWE was gospel and he manipulates everyone who gets in his way. Miz spoke about how he main evented WrestleMania and beat Cena, only for 2 weeks later Cena found a way to manipulate another opportunity and then went on to go toe to toe with The Rock. Miz called Cena a hypocrite, stating that Cena read the riot act to The Rock by saying how Rock went off to Hollywood to do all these movies, whilst Cena was competing in WWE every night, until Cena got that call from Hollywood and has been doing the same thing. This prompted a “You Sold Out” chant from the crowd directed at Cena to which Miz agreed that he did sell out. He said that Cena had become a parody of his former self and that his former self was a joke. Miz said that Cena isn’t Super Cena anymore, he’s barely even Decent Cena. Miz went on to speak about recent issues between himself and Cena, how Cena came back after time away only to manipulate a Championship opportunity at the Royal Rumble, then to take away Miz’s opportunity at Elimination Chamber which is why Miz eliminated Cena from the Battle Royal last week.

After a few more words, Cena took his moment to speak telling Miz that he just said the same crap that everyone had been saying about him for over a decade. Cena then asked Miz that if he really thought that Cena was this manipulator, would he be just weeks away from WrestleMania standing toe to toe with him?, which Cena proceeded to add a “Hell No!” To the end of that question. Cena said if he was manipulating, he would be standing toe to toe with the Undertaker. Cena stated that he didn’t ask anyone to buy into who he is because you can’t fake heart. He said that regardless people cheering him or booing him, they all know who John Cena is, then he asked Miz who the hell he is. Cena went on to speak about The Miz on the reality show “The Real World” then when he finally got to WWE, he stole Chris
Jericho’s personality, he stole Ric Flair’s Figure 4 Leg Lock, he stole Daniel Bryan’s offence and personality and now he has been reduced to saying the same thing that AJ Styles has been saying for the past 6 months. Cena the accused Miz of not knowing who he is and said that he is just a dude, dressed as a dude playing another dude. Cena said to Miz that if he asked any if the greats such as, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin, they all took their own paths to success by just being themselves with the volume turned way up high and that’s why the fans love them. He then said Miz is in a select group of people who feel they can only go so far in the company before being held down
when all he is, is a trend hopping, joke stealing, unoriginal, shell of a former WWE Superstar and that they have both been knocked down the same amount of times but the difference between him and Miz is that Miz blames everyone else but he stands up, is a man about it and keeps fighting. He said to Miz that he is going to end this with a piece of advice and the next time they talk, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight because Miz may not be the Undertaker but if he presses him again then Miz is a Dead man.

Wow what a segment! Ok I haven’t finished covering it yet but I have to say right now that this has been one of the best face to face moments I have seen for a long time. Miz to be fair was spot on with things he said and Miz plays his character so well and I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves. Miz has been around for a long time and he has been to the top and he’s been to the bottom. He always does his best in every situation. Cena was also on form here and grabbed my attention. I’m not a Cena fan at all but he was fantastic here. Usually I expect the same garbage to come out of Cena’s mouth but he threw me off here and that last comment he made to Miz was very threatening. Anyway back to it.

Cena turned to walk away but Maryse had other ideas. She insulted Cena by telling him he is nothing more than a controlling, egocentric freak and said that Cena wishes he was half the man that Miz is. She then said that Cena talks about respect and told him to respect the slap she gave him round the face. Cena laughed and said that Maryse just made the biggest mistake of her life and pointed to the stage as his girlfriend Nikki Bella ran to the ring which prompted Maryse and Miz to exit the ring and head in to the crowd. Nikki took the mic and shouted to Maryse that is she messes with her man, then she’s going to break her and called her a bitch. Cena and Nikki then shared a hug and some kisses in the ring.

Overall I love this segment. Maryse played her part very well the way she got in Cena’s face but I loved the “I’m gonna break you bitch!” Comment from Nikki Bella.

The Irish Lass-Kicker takes on The Great Veteran

Becky Lynch met Mickie James in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Mickie took the first fall after planting Becky with the Mickie DT for the pinfall.
Becky evened the score up at 1 a piece when she managed to roll Mickie up for the fall. The final fall went to Becky after Alexa Bliss ran to the ring and stood on the apron to distract Becky. Mickie charged at Becky but she moved and Mickie hit Alexa off the apron. Becky tried to roll Mickie up but she reversed it but Becky then also reversed it and locked on the Dis-Arm-Her to win by Submission.

A good match between the two. It is great having Mickie James back but I don’t know what WWE’s long term plans are for her. I don’t see her as a heel for too long but I wonder what the situation will be regarding Alexa Bliss and her Smackdown Live Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Luke Harper cut a promo under some light bulbs saying that he had made peace with his demons and now they help him. He told Bray Wyatt he wasn’t afraid of him. Immediately after we saw Bray Wyatt wish Luke Harper luck and said spoke about Randy Orton being his brother and his blood.

Alexa Bliss was interviewed backstage although she wasn’t happy with the first question being about Becky Lynch. Natalya appeared and asked for a moment alone with Alexa which she got and said to Alexa that they’re both Championship calibre superstars to which Alexa laughed off. Natalya apologized and said that she forgot it was all about Alexa until she takes the title from her and then walked off.

It has been a long time since Natalya held a title, although I don’t think Alexa dropping the title again so quickly would be a good move. Women’s wrestling in WWE is at a high these days and the one thing that overshadows it are quick title changes.

One Last Chance

AJ Styles and Luke Harper met to finally determine who would face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. The match looked to have ended in even more controversy when AJ hit Harper with the Phenomenal Forearm and pinned him. However Harper managed to get his foot on the rope despite the three count as the referee didn’t see it. This led to Shane McMahon making his way out and announced that Harper’s foot was clearly on the rope and ordered the match to restart. AJ was not happy and left the ring to confront Shane McMahon. During their argument, Luke Harper went to hit AJ with a Superkick but he hit Shane. Harper checked on him but AJ took the initiative and pushed
Harper into the ring post. AJ then hit a very impressive Springboard 450 Splash on Harper for the win and to cement his spot in the main event at WrestleMania.

Rene Young was about to interview Nikki Bella and John Cena when
Carmella and James Ellsworth interrupted laughing. They insulted Nikki Bella and Ellsworth said everything about her is phony which Cena interrupted and asked if he could help them with anything. Nikki and John suggested next week they have a mixed Tag Team match against Ellsworth and Carmella.

Ellsworth was very cringy in this segment. I have no interest in the match at all and it’s clear which way this will turn out unless somehow The Miz and Maryse get involved.

The Lunatic and The Lone Wolf

The WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose made his way to the ring and called out Baron Corbin. Corbin appeared on the big screen and the two exchanged words as Corbin said they share one thing in common and that is that Ambrose likes pain and he coincidently likes handing it out. Ambrose told Corbin that the issues between them are far from over.

Have a Seat…..or a Few

Dolph Ziggler faced Apollo Crewes in a Chairs match but the action started immediately as Crewes attacked Ziggler as he made his entrance. It was a very aggressive match but Ziggler won after he hit Crewes with an Atomic Drop on the top of the chair back rest and pinned him.

Very aggressive showing from these two. I don’t really take much notice of Apollo to be honest, nothing he has done has really interested me but his rivalry with Ziggler will do wonders for him and he was impressive in this match. Ziggler I’ve been a fan of for years now and the time for him reverting back to a Heel is right and I can see him being pushed later this year.

Fire is thicker than Blood

Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring and acknowledged AJ Styles as his WrestleMania opponent and Challenger to his WWE Championship. Bray said it didn’t matter if it was AJ or Luke Harper because they’re both just Mortals and he warned AJ that when the bell rings, he will feel the power of Beelzebub himself. Bray said he comes from hollow ground, a place that begins in the dirt that stretched down into it’s molten lava core, a place where Randy Orton is right now. Orton appeared on the screen and grabbed Bray’s attention as we saw Randy standing next to a rocking chair as he told Bray that he gave him the keys to the kingdom. He said that he was standing right in the middle of the kingdom, a place where you can smell the stench of evil in the air, and said that it was Bray’s world, but not his and it never was as Bray looked shocked and the crowd cheered. Orton said there was a time where he said that if you can’t beat them, join them but he has another saying which is if you join them, when the time is right…..screw them!

Orton said this is Bray’s temple of worship and that under that very floor and under that rocking chair lies the Sister of Satan himself, Abigail. Orton picked up a pickaxe as Bray looked on worried and Orton asked Bray how long it had been since the worms had been eating at her flesh. He told Bray that he sees him helpless with no power, just waiting to explode as Bray appeared to be begging Orton. Orton said he knows Bray’s black heart is beating through his chest as because he fears Orton will destroy what makes him tick. He then said he is going to burn the spirit of Sister Abigail and watch Bray die with her. Bray was on his knees and appeared to be pleading with Orton.

Orton reminded Bray that he said whilst he was the servant and Bray was the Master, he would pledge his undying devotion to him but in a moment he will be the master and Bray would be the servant. Orton stopped the chair from rocking and threw the pickaxe down and then picked up a can of gasoline and began dousing the walls with it as Bray looked on. Finally Orton doused the chair and shouted to Bray that he was coming for him at WrestleMania. He then poured gasoline into a patch of dirt that was exposed from under the floor which is where Sister Abigail apparently rests. Orton told Bray he was now going to hear Sister Abigail scream Randy finsished dousing inside the room and went outside and began dousing the outside walls with gasoline as Bray looked on begging and pleading him to stop as he cried. Orton doused the pathway before lighting a stick and telling Bray that he was now going to burn the spirit of Sister Abigail to Eternal Damnation. Orton throw the stick down as the flames engulfed Bray’s hideout. Bray lost it and was in pieces as he screamed and cried at ringside. Smackdown Live ended with Bray clutching his hair and rocking in despair.

Damn! What an ending to Smackdown Live this week! I did not see that coming, not like that. This has made me really look forward to the show next week. What does this mean for the main event at WrestleMania? What does this mean for Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail?

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Thanks guys!