Hi TWS Listeners and fellow Wrestling fans around the world.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stefan Bennett, some of you regular TWS Listeners who are usually involved live in the chatroom every Sunday may know me as “Bad News Bennett.” It’s ok, go ahead you can boo me. In fact I kinda enjoy it 😉

Now before you say, ” Oh not this guy again!” and proceed to look away, allow me to tell you a little about myself.

I have been a WWE fan since 1985, yes I am old. Well only 34 at this time of writing but with age comes many years of experiencing wrestling during some of it’s highest and most entertaining times. I have lived and enjoyed the 80’s, through to the struggling mid 90’s for WWE when WCW had started to grow and become the place to see the best wrestling action. I have seen the birth of the nWo in WCW and witness Hulk Hogan turn heel and the birth of WWE’s most popular era, the “Attitude Era” and so on.

I first laid eyes on wrestling at the age of 3, I was in a shopping trolley (cart for my American friends) at a local supermarket where my Grandfather stopped at a TV they had on display. I watched the screen as two huge men inside a blue cage threw each other around like gladiators. The two men were Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy and the match was the Steel Cage match from WrestleMania II. I was amazed at what I was watching, I was hooked from that moment on. I started asking my Grandfather questions about it, even though I didn’t fully understand what it actually was. He would tell me about wrestling as he enjoyed it for years and when we went back to the supermarket a week later, he purchased the WrestleMania II VHS for me as I would not stop talking about it.

For a few years I would gradually have more VHS tapes of WWF events and so began my journey as a fan. I was a huge Hulkamaniac, Hogan merchandise whenever a birthday other Christmas arrived. I was in love with wrestling, I never expected it to become a huge part of my life.

Years later, I have been blessed to have met so many of the stars I grew up watching. Meeting them feeling like I had known them for many years, always feeling comfortable meeting each and every one of them until I met the man who started my fandom, Hulk Hogan himself. I was so nervous, I met him in 2015, 30 years after I began watching wrestling and saw him on that TV screen 30 years earlier. And to this day I am proud to say I have never once felt let down or disappointed by any of those performers I have had the pleasure meeting, always remaining respectful of every single one of them because they have brought so much joy and entertainment into my life. In a way, I owe a lot to them, they owe me nothing.

Anyway, why am I here? Well as a listener of TWS for the past few years, always catching up on Podcast when I cannot listen live, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to write a weekly blog for you all. As of this Friday 25th February 2017, I shall be blogging about all the latest news and happenings on Raw, Smackdown Live and of course PPV’s. I shall be sharing my opinions with you all and will be providing an email address where you can send me your feedback, your opinions and thoughts on these topics every week and have the opportunity for your words to be a part of my blog.

Finally I’d like to thank the team at TWS for offering me this wonderful opportunity and I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs as much I will bringing them to you.

Thank you

Stefan Bennett